Sunday, August 20, 2006

End of a series - Walking the ladder

I have told you about the different elevators that they used in the mines, and also mentioned that they had to climb ladders in the beginning. This shot shows how the ladders were placed in the mines. All ladders went down to a kind of platform where they could get to the next ladder. You can imagne that doing this for a couple of hundred meters or more is quite hard.


James R said...

Makes a strong case for lifts.

Great shot.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone gets an opportunity to get photos of such subject matter. You are fortunate to have the chance.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you in Norway;
My name is Jim and my grandmothere was born in Kongsberg and I have relative still living in the town and I got the chance to visit them several years ago. Very nice city. The Norg family name is Fjerdingstad. Veslemoy and Arna are ther in Kongsberg. If you would greet them for me. My full name is James E. Smith Tuk